Angel Sculpture

Angel sculpture, Deborah Halpern, public art

Public Art : Angel Sculpture

Sculptor: © Deborah Halpern

Description : The unusual 10m high semi abstract sculpture is made from ceramic , steel and concrete. 4000 pieces of individually cut and hand painted tiles adorn the concrete and steel armature which looks like a three legged llama. It isn't surprising that Deborah Halpern was inspired by Picasso nor that it is one of the best love pieces of public art in Melbourne.

Date Unveiled: 1988

Commissioned By: The Angel sculpture was commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria along with the National Bicentennial Authority

Location : From 1988 - 2005 Angel was located on the southern moat of the National Gallery of Victoria but since there has found a happy home on the banks of the Yarra river in Birranrung Marr where finally it can be viewed from all sides.

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