Animals Sculpture

Animals Sculpture, Midland, Western Australia

Public Art : Animals Sculpture

Sculptor : © Anne Neil

Date : c.2003

Description : Three bronze objects inspired by train parts make up a group of abtract children's play toys .

Location : Coal Dam Park, Midland, Western Australia.

History : The Coal Dam Park was established as part of the Midland Redevelopment Authority initiative.  In keeping with the railway theme, artist and sculptor Anne Neil used pieces from toy trains to inspire the playground pieces. She found fittings and fixtures from the trains had them enlarged, cast in bronze, and transformed them into into ‘animals’ for children to play on. Anne has three sculptures represented in the park the Arbour, Shovels and the Animals which are all based around her theme of "nesting". The Animals sculpture reflects the uninhibited imagination of children and childhood.

Works of Anne Neil :

Animals sculpture, Coal dam park, Midland, Western Australia  Shovels Sculpture, Midland, Western Australia

              Animals Sculpture                      Shovels Sculpture

The ARbour Sculpture, Coal Dam Park, Midland, Western Australia  Unidentified Photographer, St George's Terrace, Perth, Western Australia

The Arbour Sculpture    Unidentified Photographer


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