Apollo Belvedere bust

Apollo Belvedere Bust, Melbourne, public art

Public Art : Apollo Belvedere bust

Sculptor: Unknown

Description : You would be excused for not recognising this bust as being that of Apollo (the Greek god of the sun), considering it no longer has a face but yes this marble bust is a copy of the Apollo Belvedere which is currently residing in the Vatican Museum in Rome.

Gifted by: The marble bust of Apollo Belvedere and also Hercules were donated by a well known Melbourne solicitor, politician and newspaper owner Theordore Fink after he purchased it during a trip to Rome.

Date Unveiled: The bust of Apollo was unveiled in 1928.

Location: Main entrance to the Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

Trivia : The Apollo Belvedere bust was the last classical statuary copy placed in a Melbourne public garden. They don't do copies no more.

Apollo statue, Melbounre, public art

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