Birrarung Wilam

Five shields, Birrarung Wilam, Melbourne, public art

Public Art : Birrarung Wilam

Sculptors/Artists : © Vicki Couzens, Lee Darroch and Treahna Hamm

Description: This group of sculptures is a celebration of the physical and spiritual connection of the Indigenous people (Wurundjeri and Boonwerrung aboriginal tribes of Victoria) to their place. The central component of the Birrarung Wilam is the mound campsite (puulwuurn). At either end of the pullwuurn are carved hardwood message sticks which welcome visitors onto the site in guesture of reconciliation. The eel path is in honour of the shallow waterfalls where the tribes once caught their primary food source. There are five metal shields along the waterfront along which represent the five groups of Kulin people. Another area includes  large carved ancestor stones, placed in a semi circle where the local indigenous people can perform ceremonial and cultural practices. On the side near the ArtPlay building are etched metal panels resembling possum skin cloaks and include sound installations of Indigenous voices.

Date Unveiled: 2006

Funded By: The Birrarung Wilam is part of the Commemorative Place Art Commission and was funded by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government.

Location: The Birrarung Wilam sculptures are located at Birrarung Marr park (Adjacent to Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.

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Birrarung Wilam, public art, Melbourne Birrarung Wilam, public art, Melbourne

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