Bon Scott Statue

Bon Scott Statue, Fremantle, Public Art

Public Art : Bon Scott Statue

Sculptor : © Greg James

Bon Scott Statue, FremantleDescription : A lifesize bronze of Bon Scott, the lead singer of the rock band AC/DC. James has depicted the 5ft 6" Acca Dacca frontman as fans would have wanted him to be remembered, screaming into his microphone (held in left hand), head flung back and jeans so tight it leaves nothing to the imagination!

Date Unveiled : Well, it sort of hasn't been unveiled, which means it really isn't public art YET!. At present it resides in a fish 'n' chip shop, whilst the whole fiasco is resolved. Hmmm. The statue was unofficially unveiled on the 23rd of February, 2008 at a rock concert dedicated to Bon. The 10,000 strong AC/DC fans gathered at the Claremont showgrounds to be given the first glimpse of the statue, before it was to be erected in Fremantle (his home town). The big hooha was followed with stony silence, as fans waited for the much awaited statue to be unveiled in Fremantle. The Fremantle Mayor, Peter Tagliaferri, fronted news cameras to proudly announce that the statue would be put in a prominent location in Freo. He said, and I quote "It will draw more attention to Fremantle from an international scene ... he is a legend not only in his hometown but across the world." So how did it end up in the corner of a fish restaurant ? Evidently, the historic society wasn't as excited as the mayor about having the rock n roll icon gracing their fair streets. Stay tuned.....

Cost of Bon Scott Statue : $100,000

Bon Scott statue, Fremantle, Public ArtLocation : The Bon Scott statue was originally located inside Cicerello's, a seafood restaurant at Fremantle's Fishing Boat Harbour, Western Australia. He was standing in a dark corner which was nicely back lit. After much ho-huming by the Fremantle council, Bon was permanently erected just over the road from Cicerellos.

History of the Bon Scott Statue : Bon Scott has long been an icon in Fremantle. Like Jim Morrison in Paris, Bon has become a part of Freo history. Fans from around Australia and the world have ventured to the Fremantle Cemetery to pay their respects to the rock legend. For many years there has been increased pressure placed on the good people of Fremantle to honor the legend with a bronze. In 2006, after 10 years of trying, Doug Thorncroft, head of the WA Bon Scott Fan Club, pushed a little harder for a Bon Scott statue to be part of Fremantle council's multimillion-dollar upgrade of Phillimore St. Thorncroft was hoping the statue could be unveiled on the day of Bon's 60th birthday. Of the 380 public submissions received, 345 showed great interest in honoring the dead singer, making it hard to ignore, but they did. Hard to know exactly where to place a memorial to a hooligan who died of alcohol poisoning, I guess ! Back to the drawing board. Eventually a rock concert was organised to raise money for the lifesize bronze of Bon. Kilt wearing, flannelette shirted bogans came out of the wood works to listen to some of Australia's best hard rock bands scream out Acca Dacca hits. Local Fremantle sculptor Greg James unveiled his creation at the concert to raptuous applause. The statue was then going to be moved to a permanent position in Fremantle. Unfortunately due to conflict, the statue has been placed temporarily in a fish'n'chip shop, waiting for a councils, mayors and historical societies to get their act together.

Bon Scott statueBackground of Bon Scott : Bon was born Ronald Belford Scott on the 9th of July, 1946. He became a rock legend as a result of fronting the Australian hard rock band AC/DC from 1974 until 1980. Despite Bon being born in Kirriemuir, Scotland and living in Melbourne, Australia, Bon is considered the favourite son of Fremantle in Western Australia. He and his family moved to Freo in 1956. Though not a model student, Bon excelled in music, joining the  Fremantle Scots Pipe Band where he learnt to play the drums. At the age of 15 he found himself on the wrong side of the law and spent a short time in the Fremantle Prison and at the Riverbank Juvenile Institution. Bless, he even attempted to join the Australian Army, but I guess the "socially maladjusted" assessment says it all!

In 1964 Bon joined his first band, The Spektors, and the rest I guess is rock history. He began recording with bands such as The Valentines, Fraternity, Fang and the Mount Lofty Rangers before virtually falling into the role of lead singer for the touring Aussie band AC/DC. Funny thing was Bon was the band's driver at the time. When the Young brothers (Angus and Malcolm) decided they no longer wanted their lead singer, Dave Evans, Bon was waiting in the wings (even though he really wanted to be their drummer). After releasing a succession of albums, their sixth was to be break the US top 100 market. That album was Highway to Hell , produced by "Mutt" Lange (ex Mr Shania Twain). 

Sadly, Bon's life was cut short when on the 19th of February, 1980, he was found slumped in his car, dead from acute alcohol poisoning after a big night of partying in London. The Back in Black album, which was released 5 months after his death as a tribute to the 33 year old, became the second best-selling album in history. The Scott family had their son's ashes interred in the Fremantle Cemetery. His gravesite, which has had its fairshare of headstone pinching and vandalism, has now been heritage listed by the National Trust of Australia. Fans often go to the cemetery to "have a beer" with Bon.

Bon Scott Statue Trivia : Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans performed at the Aussie Rock Concert, where the statue was originally unveiled. Other performers included The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Noiseworks, The Screaming Jets, Buzz Bidstrup, Status Quo and Mondo Rock.


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