Botanic Garden Foundation Stone

Public Art : Botanic Garden Foundation Stone

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Description: A large pink granite rock with a small plaque commemorating the official opening of the Botanic Gardens in Kings Park.

Date Unveiled: The foundation stone was unveiled by the then Premier of Western Australia Sir David Brand on October the 4th, 1965.

Location: The foundation stone is located near the intersection of Forrest and Lovekin Drive, Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia.


Botanic Garden Foundation Stone

The planting of these Botanic Gardens was commenced by setting of trees by the president and members of the King's Park board, on May 17th 1963.
The official opening cermony was performed by the Premier of Western Australia Hon. David Brand, M.L.A. on October 4 1965.

Thomas Meagher Kt President, J.S. Beard, DPhil, Director, A.R. Fairall, M.C. superintendent.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Memorial

Background: The Botanic Garden in Kings Park was officially opened in 1965 and features mainly Western Australian flora. Due to this, the gardens are quite a rarity, with an extraordinary diversity of local wildflowers found nowhere else in the world. About 3,000 of WA's 12,000 species of plants are displayed in this garden. Numerous walking tracks wind through the plant collection.


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