Bronx River View sculpture

Bronx River View sculpture, Barbara Grygutis, public art, The Bronx

Public Art: Bronx River View sculpture

Sculptor: © Barbara Grygutis

Sculptor's Website :

Description: A series of five stainless steel sculptural panels on the Whitlock Avenue subway station, which provide not only seating for commuters but selected views through the panels including the Bronx River and the newly completed Concrete Plant Park. 

Date Unveiled: 2010

Location: Whitlock Avenue Subway station, The Bronx, New York City.

Artist Statement : Natural light and artificial and kinetic illumination are key elements of my work.  All of my installations using light are designed to function sculpturally during the day and then transition and create a light environment at night when lighting creates a radiating, glowing effect.  Through the relationship of material, form, daylight, shadow, movement and artificial light, my sculptural environments become dynamic in relationship to the viewer as subtle shimmering moiré patterns are formed on the surface of the work of art.  The lighting systems I use are low energy consumption, LED fixtures, demonstrating the use of sustainable technology. 

All of my site-specific works of art respond to the site and purpose for which they are conceptualized and are designed to create a place of reflection and space, where the beauty of the natural world can be seen in the built environment. They are accessible to all age groups, providing interest to adults and children alike and are designed to create a sense of timelessness, an enduring quality, both thematically and in the quality and detailing of the fabrication. Finally, in my work I strive to embody a universal theme that speaks to all about common goals in a shared environment.

Acknowledgements: A special thank you to Barbara Grygutis, Peter Peirce and Adrienne Lake for providing information and images for this page.

Bronx River View, photographer Peter Peirce, public art

Bronx River View sculpture, public art, Barbara, Grygutis   Bronx River View sculpture, Barbara Grygutis, public art



Public Artist Barbara Grygutis’ Bronx River View Receives Honors from New York’s Municipal Art Society

New York City’s Municipal Art Society has bestowed honors on Bronx River View, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts for Transit-commissioned five-piece sculptural installation by Public Artist Barbara Grygutis. Her series of stainless steel sculptural panels connect viewers with the outside environment by providing seating for travellers, as well as natural light and vistas of the Concrete Park Plant and Bronx River at the Whitlock Avenue Subway Station in the Bronx, New York City. 

New York’s Municipal Art Society is a 100+ year old non-profit organization dedicated to “intelligent urban planning, design and preservation through education, dialogue and advocacy”. The organization’s annual MASterWorks Awards “recognize excellence in architecture and urban design completed within the last year across New York City”. MAS announced on August 26th, 2011 that Grygutis’ Bronx River View has received an Honorable Mention Award. This award puts Bronx River View in the same prestigious company as fellow award-winners Hypar Pavilion at Lincoln Center and Queens Theater in the Park, among others.

The works of art were commissioned through New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Arts for Transit Permanent Art program and were installed last year.  “With the artwork acting as a portal, we were able to incorporate the view of the river and new parkland into the commuting experience,” explained MTA’s Arts for Transit Manager Lydia Bradshaw, who coordinated the project for MTA and oversaw its installation. The result was described by MTA Today as “more than just light at the end of this tunnel. There’s light, nature, beauty, and award-winning design.” 

Light played a major role in Bronx River View’s design. Grygutis explained, “In addition to the actual sculpture, the light itself becomes a significant art element.” She continued, “It plays on the platform and creates an ephemeral glance into the outside world.”

Bronx River View is part of one of five major station rehabilitations on Bronx’ Pelham #6 line and is now a permanent part of a metro renovation that, in the words of MTA Today, are “transforming the Pelham line into a corridor of visual surprises and delights.”

A nationally recognized Public Artist, Barbara Grygutis has been commissioned to create over 75 site-specific, permanent installations in cities from coast to coast and beyond, including West Palm Beach, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York City; Washington DC; Denver, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, where she lives and works. 

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