Bruce Lee statue

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Public Art : Bruce Lee statue

Sculptor: © Professor Cao Chong-En

Description: A 2.5 metre bronze statue of martial art legend and actor Bruce Lee striking a "Fist of Fury" pose on a large granite stone.

Date Unveiled: The statue was unveiled by Bruce Lee's brother Robert Lee on the 27th of November 2005, on what would have been Bruce's 65th birthday.

Funded By: The statue was funded in part by the Hong Kong Bruce Lee fan club and his fans who were tired of pressuring the government to have a statue erected. Between the the two groups they raised $100,000.


Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

Sculpted by Professor Cao Chong-En
Caligraphy Inscribed by Professor Jao Tsung-I
Artistic concept advised by Mr Yuen Tai-Yung, Mr Ma Fu- Keung
Donated by the Bruce Lee Club
Sponsored by Henderson Land Development Company Limited
Joseph Lau Luen-Hung Charitable Foundation
Ms Betty Ting Pei, Mr Stephen Cho

Info Plaque :

Avenue of the Stars "Star of the Century" Bruce Lee statue

Not only is Hong Kong the place that shapes Bruce Lee's formative years, it is also where his culture takes root. Bruce Lee's years in Hong Kong make up the collective memory of Hong Kong people. Bruce Lee makes his name in the world through Hong Kong cinema, in return, Hong Kong cinema makes its name in the world through Bruce Lee.

Young and handsome, agile and virile, Bruce Lee succeeds in breaking stereotypes to rebuild a new image for Chinese on the big screen. Single-handedly, he re-invents martial art movies into a new genre, and brings it into the Hollywood mainstream. Not only his punches and kicks catch global audience's eyes, his philosophy captivates their minds. He sets an unprecedented new trend that is unique in the world.

2005 celebrates the 100th anniversary of Chinese cinema. The Bruce Lee Club commissions the bronze statue of Bruce Lee to be erected in the Avenue of Starts in Tsim Sha Tsui. The statue captures the rapidity of his punch, the vigoriousness of his physique, the sparkle in his eyes. It is a figure that evokes nothing but enchantment.

Bruce Lee's days in Hong Kong bear witness not only of his cinema journey but also of the societal changes in Hong kong. They are all part of the collective memory of Hong Kong people. The Bruce Lee Club is with the support of Hong Kong SAR government and financed by the Hong Kong Development Film Fund to launch "The Bruce Lee Way" in 2013, with the objectives to promote Hong Kong made martial art movies, as well as to boost the Hong Kong cinema and tourism.

Rather be ashes than dust - forty years after Bruce Lee's departure, revisiting the footsteps of this superstar, we revive the memory of his inspiring vision, his warm smile, his sense of humour, his words and actions. The flame of his legacy never extinguishes . His legend lives on.

Text by Chip Tsao 20/7/2013

Location: The Bruce Lee statue is the main attraction at the Avenue of Stars on the waterfront at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Things You May Not Know About Bruce Lee or The Statue: Bruce Lee was actually born in San Francisco but his parents were raised in Kowloon in Hong Kong.


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