Bunbury's Transfiguration The Navigators

Bunbury's Transfiguration The Navigators, Bunbury, Western Australia

Public Art : Bunbury's Transfiguration:The Navigators (also known as the Gateway and the Four Winds Monument)

Sculptor : © Jon Tarry

Sculptor's Website : www.jontarry.com

Date : October the 8th, 2000

Description : Four ten-metre high stainless steel robotic figures, each facing in different directions, East, West, North and South. Each figure holds something symbolic of Bunbury in its hands "the ocean, the harbour, the wheat silos, the suburban homes, the surf and the woodchip heaps". One holds a fish, the others a surfboard, ship and house. 

Location : Middle of a roundabout

Inscription :

"Bunbury’s Transfiguration: The Navigators”
officially opened by
His Worship the Mayor John Castrilli
On the occassion of the city's 21st Birthday
8th October 2000
The sculpture Bunbury’s Transfiguration: The Navigators” identifies Bunbury as a site of
transition and exchange. Four tall figures face the Northern, Southern, eastern and Western
regions. Each figure gestures to the immediate and distant cultures. At night the figures light
up tranformning into nocturnal; navigators, they may even go for a wander.

Artist Jon Tarry 2000
Proudly sponsored by:
City of Bunbury
Kareelya Property Group
Bunbury Port Authority
GHD Management Engineering Environment
Water Corporation

What You Probably Didn't Know About Bunbury's Transfiguration:The Navigators ? : When the sculptor Jon Tarry, was  commissioned to create a ‘Bunbury - Port City’ themed sculpture for the roundabout, he discovered that all of the roads leading into and out of the intersection strangely all lined up with the four points of the compass. He then followed those lines on an atlas and discovered they lead to Singapore, Capetown, Wellington (New Zealand) and Davis Research Base in the Antarctic. So armed with this information, what is an artist to do ? Well, Mr Tarry asked each place to donate a non precious item to build into the sculpture. The Antarctic Research Base were the first to respond by sending an ice pick. I have yet to find out what other items were sent but it makes the sculpture all the more interesting, don't you think ?

Bunbury's Transfiguration The Navigators, Jon Tarry, Western AustraliaBunbury's Transfiguration The Navigators, Jon Tarry, Western Australia

Bunbury's Transfiguration The Navigators, Jon Tarry, Western Australia 


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