Bunbury War Memorial

Bunbury War Memorial, Bunbury, Western Australia

Public Art : Bunbury War Memorial

Sculptor : Unknown

Description : The Bunbury War Memorial is dedicated to the 200 local residents who fell in the line of duty during World Wars I and II. The memorial consists of the original WWI Donnybrook stone (painted white) memorial cenotaph (Inter War Stripped Classical style) and a 2m marble statue of a A. I. F. infantryman. The soldier stands with arms reversed and head bowed in the classic military funeral pose.

Date Unveiled : The Bunbury War Memorial was unveiled in 1924 on Armistice Day, 11 November, by Colonel N. M. Brazier. However, on the 25th of April (ANZAC Day) 1930, the memorial was officially completed and the marble statue of the soldier was unveiled by the president of the local R. S. L. branch Mr Gillet.

Funded By : Bunbury RSL, General Sir Newton Moore and public subsciptions. Cost approximately £800.

Location : Intersection of Stirling and Victoria Streets, Bunbury, Western Australia.

Trivia : There use to be a fish pond in front of the memorial but was bricked up.

The first Anzac Day service to be held at Anzac Park was at 10am on the 25th of April 1925. Wreaths and flower tributes were placed at the base of Bunbury War Memorial and the ceremony was presided over by Mayor Mr Skewes, Mr Slee and Reverend Dundas. The ‘Last Post’ was played by Bugler Wallis.

During the late 1920s a trench mortar was placed on top of the memorial. This is said to have been ‘a war trophy allocated post WWI to the town of Bunbury’. It was removed around 1930.

Inscriptions :

This memorial is dedicated to the memory of
all Australian servicemen and servicewomen
amd their allies who paid the supreme sacrifice
in the servive of their nation.
"Lest We Forget"


In memory of
those who died
for freedom in;

Korea 1950 - 1953
Malaya 1950 - 1960
Indonesian Confrontation
Vietnam 1962-1973
Gulf War 1990-1991


In memory of
those who died
for freedom in;

East Timor
Australian Peace keeping

Lest We Forget


Europe. Middle East.
Asia. Pacific.

Arlidge T.
Barry J.
Brockman C.
Bucc F.
Bryant F.J.
Biesiot L.H.
Beer W.J.
Buswell L.
Birch E.H.
Clarke F.L.
Clarke S.J.
Clarke M.T.
Clifton G.D.
Clifford B
Doust S.
Dunham L.
Dunham D.
Edwards T.H.
Beer J.A.
Forrest J.
Flynn J.
Francis G.V.
Greenmount E.
Gardiner C.K
Gibson L.S
Gibson R.
Hands l.
Harris C.H.
Honey J.L.
Howard E.J.
House J.T.
Hartnett D.L.C.
Inkpen F.M.B.
Inkpen L.
Jones N.
Jeffrey K.E.
Joel R.E.

1939 -1945


Europe. Middle East.
Asia. Pacific.
Kenny J.J.
Loughton H.
Larsson S.W.
Larsson L.M.
Lewin E.A.
McPherson S.
Moore K.E.
Marney C.E.
Mason H.E.
Manns H.A.
Mort K.
Nicholls A.
Prosser M.C.
Platts N.W.
Platts R.S.
Pose N.
Rose B.
Roveta P.
Rowe J.R.
Roberts K.
Stafford E.H.
Sinclair K.
Simpson S.G.
Sangster M.J.
Teede W.H.
Vaughan E.J.
Wilson K.
Wilson A.D.
Woodley C.
Woodley W.
Wheeler E.B.
Yabsley G.

1939 -1945


For Remembrance

Armstrong R.B.
Atkins E.R.
Aylett F.T.
Ball J.F
Barnes W.P.
Beer F.
Blythe F.A.
Blythe D.J.
Brittain W.
Bruce A.E.
Bruce E.J.
Brayshaw J.
Burrington H.F.
Burgess L.
Buswell H.C.
Cadden J.
Campbell J.A.
Charles H.R.
Cope W.V.
Cooke L.
Cooke W.
Cornish R.
Curlewis G.L.
Darby E.
Delaney L.
Delaney R.T.
Dixon C.W.
Dickson K.
Doig D.
Donaldson H.N.
Donaldson A.S.
Edgar W.
Emmett V.A.
Farpell T.
Fawcett H.
Fullager E.
Gibson E
Gibbon C.
Gorman C.C.
Gray J.J.
Blythe P.
Travers L.C.
Crant J.
Gunst F.
Hanson J.H.
Hanson J.W.
Head W.
Hislop M.
Hislop R.
Hickman W.
Hensen W.
Holmes H.
Holywell W.T.
Houch G.
House A.A.
House R.W.
Hughes S.R.
Hurst C.P.
Hurst J.T.
Jackson W.
Johnston J.F.
Johnston C.B.
Johnstone S.
Jones C.T.
Jordon J.
Kelly C.H.
Kemp F.E.
Kenyon T.
Kinc E.H.
Kirton A.
Knight P.H.
Lockhart G.
Dawe R.V.
Macnish K.P.
Marchant W.
Martin H.J.
McLarty G.
McCarthy M.
McCombe M.S.
McChee E.
McKernan E.W.
Mitchell W.
Belcher H.C.
Moore E.
Moore W.C.T.
Moor F.
Moriarty F.M.
Murray J.H.
Nisbitt E.J.
O'Donnell M.
Oldham W.
Parry L.
Painter E.
Piggott A.S.
Platt J.
Plunkett W.
Properjohn E.
Prosser G.
Rafferty J.
Robertson S.
Robinson J.
Sansum A.H.
Scott V.
Sharp H.G.
Shaw S.
Simms A.
Sinclair L.R.R.
Smart H.
Smeeth L.R.
Snell C.
Sorensen A.K.V.
Stapleton W.W.
Steere S.H.
Sticpwich E.V.
Stokes T.W.
Summers F.
Sutherland H.
Wenn W.H.
White M.C.
Wilkes P.
Withers G.E.
Cargeec A.V.
Cargeec R.E.
Rodsted J.



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