Captain James Stirling Statue

Captain James Stirling Statue, Perth, Western Australia

Public Art : Captain James Stirling Statue

Sculptor : © Clement .P. Somers

Date : Unveiled 10th of March, 1979

Description : Bronze statue of Captain James Stirling in full uniform and with open scroll in hands.

Location : The statue was originally located at the front entrance of the R&I Bank, Barrack Street, until the building was demolished in 1996. The statue was later removed to Foundation Park on Barrack Street, between Perth Town Hall and the Treasury Buildings. Currently Captain James Stirling is in storage awaiting a new home, while work begins on the revamping the Old Treasury Building. A new location for the statue has yet to be announced.

Funded By : Channel Nine and Radio 6KY

Background of Captain James Stirling : For more information click History of Perth

History Of the Captain Stirling Statue: The Captain James Stirling statue was funded in 1979 by Channel Nine and Radio 6KY, to commemorate the State's 150th Anniversary. The statue was originally unveiled outside the front entrance of the R&I Bank building in Barrack Street but was later placed in storage following the demolishing of the building in 1996. It was only in 2002 that any thought was given to dusting the old captain off and restoring  him. In 2002 Housing and Works Minister, Tom Stephens, called for expressions of interest from local government and community groups for a new home for Perth's founder, Captain Stirling. Finally in 2003, Stirling saw light of day. Fully restored he was placed in Foundation Park near the spot where the new colony was declared Perth and where marking the day Mrs Helen Dance, the wife of H.M.S. Sulphur's captain, ceremoniously cut down a tree.

Inscription :

Captain James Stirling
Founder Governor of Western Australia
Unveiled by
His Royal Highness The Price of Wales K.G., K.T., G.C.B., P.C.
on March 10th, 1979
Celebrating the State's 150th Anniversary

Donated to the City and People of Perth
by Channel Nine and Radio 6KY

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