Casadei Fountain

Casadai Fountain, Homg Kong, Statue Square, public art

Public Art : Casadei Fountain

Sculptor: © Casadei

Description:This is one of two relief panel fountains made from porcelain and concrete found in Statue Square.

Date Unveiled:c 1960s

Location: The Casadei Fountain is located in Statue Square, Central, Hong Kong.

Mystery Solved: After searching high and low for the name of the artist who created the iconic fountains of Statue Square I struck gold.

There was a small reference to the artist Casadei in an eBook.
"Casadei is not an unknown name in Hong Kong. He was been living here since 1960. His works are all over the town in such public places as Statue Square, Prince's Building and Ocean Centre. Casadei is an artisan in the traditional sense of the word. He is a master of the techniques of ceramic, glass and metal work. Although his strong Italian artistic temperment is deeply rooted in him, the Eastern culture has had much influence in his creative work."

Casadei was born in Italy. In 1944 he studied ceramics at Faenza under the watchful eye of Melandri, Matteucci and Gatti. Casadei would later develop a peacock green ceramic he called "Melandri green", a colour that had been lost for over 600 years. After moving to Hong Kong in 1960 he once had a "permanent" exhibition at Mei Foo Sun Chuen.

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