Chat Sculpture

Chat Sculpture, Brisbane, Australia

Public Art : Chat

Nicknames : The Hands, Hopoate (please don't ask)

Sculptor : © Sebastian Di Mauro

Date: 2003

Description : Two really big cast aluminium hands. One hand is pointing up to the sky and the other hand is pointing to the ground. 

Location : 175 Eagle St, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Well I Never (and I mean NEVER) : Oh dear, alledgedly the Chat was referred to, for sometime, as the "Hopoate", due the unfortunate similarity between the rugby league player, John Hoapate's indecretion and one of the hands. And what would that be, you ask ? Well, Mr Hopoate decided that in 2001 he would unsettle his opponents (whilst playing) by inserting his index finger up their bums (gosh) click here for all the nitty gritty details.




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