Conic Fugue (Enigma)sculpture

Conic Fugue (Enigma), public art, Charles O Perry, Perth

Public Art : Conic Fugue (Enigma) sculpture

Sculptor : © Charles O. Perry (18th October, 1929 – 8th February, 2011)

Description : The bright red single-surfaced, single-edged monolith sticks out like a sore thumb against the towering grey QV1 building. The sculpture, by American sculptor Charles O. Perry, twists around itself several times (similar to DNA). To matheticians this sculpture is a Mobius strip.  Usually a strip has two distinct surfaces (one inside, one outside). However, run your eye along an edge of this sculpture and you will discover it has only one surface.

Date Unveiled: 1991

Location: Outside the QV1 Building, Corner St Georges Terrace and Milligan Street, Perth, Western Australia.

Trivia: Another similar sculpture by Charles O. Perry entitled Continuum can be found outside the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, USA,.

Conic Fugue (Enigma), Charles Perry, Perth, public art

Conic Fugue (Enigma), QV1 building, Perth, Western Australia

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