Constellation sculpture

Constellation sculpture, Trevor Rodwell, Sue Rodwell, public art

Public Art: Constellation sculpture

Sculptors: © Trevor Rodwell and Sue Rodwell

Description: Six coloured spheres made from polymer concrete lying on the banks of the Meander River. Wrapped around each sphere is a stainless steel strap with words of the past and present etched on them. While I was there some locals had added their own "unique" messages on the spheres with chalk.

Date Unveiled: October , 2002

Location: The Constellation can be found on the bank of the Meander River, Deloraine, Tasmania.


Trevor Rodwell and Sue Rodwell (South Australia)

This sculpture is formed of six spheres made of coloured polymer concrete. The cluster of objects emphasise the interconnectedness of life and the shpere echoes the community energy of Deloraine which gains strength from its unity. Fern shapes are impressed in the surface of the spheres and provide a reference to the super continent Gondwana. Five texts etched in the stainless steel bands are drawn from historical accounts of the Deloraine district alongside one contemporary text, bringing the past into the present.

Installed October 2002

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