Daibutsu, Kamakura, Japan, public art

Public Art : Daibutsu (Great Buddha). Also known as Amida Buddha

Sculptors : © Ono Goroemaon and Tanji Hisatomo

Description : An enormous bronze Amida Buddha statue. Originally the 13.35m high statue was gilded and if you look very closely you can still see evidence of it, especially around the Buddha's ears. There is still some debate as to whether this is really the original statue constructed in 1252. The 93 ton statue is hollow so you can actually view the Buddha from inside.The statue once had thirty-two bronze lotus petals at its base but only four remain, and they are no longer in their original position. During the great earthquake of 1923 the base of the statue was destroyed and then later repaired.

Date Unveiled : c.1252

Location : The Daibutsu is located in the Kōtoku-in temple in Kamakura, Japan. It won't be hard to miss and the locals will be quite happy to give you directions.

History of the Daibutsu :

Trivia : The Daibutsu is earthquake proof. During restoration in the 1960's work was done to protect it from earthquakes.

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