David Teniers Statue

David Teniers statue, Antwerp, Belgium, Public Art

Public Art: David Teniers Statue

Sculptor: © Joseph Ducaju (1823-1891)

Description: A bronze statue of Flemish artist David Teniers the Younger (15th December, 1610 – 25th April, 1690) standing on a red granite pedestal.

Date unveiled: 1866

Location: The Statue of David Teniers is located at Teniersplaats or 'Teniers Square' in the center of Antwerp, Belgium.

Trivia :

There is an interesting legend about Teniers, that he lied about his actual death so as to get higher prices for his work.

Another is that Louis XIV judged his "baboons" (magots) unworthy of a place in the royal collections.

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