Distant Conversations Sculpture

Distant Conversations sculpture, Telstra figures, Melbounre

Public Art : Distant Conversations sculpture (also known as the Telstra figures)

Sculptor: © Michael Meszaros

Description: The bronze sculpture of a couple peering through the window, from the pavement into the Telstra building was part of a collection of sculptures, called 'Distant Conversations', which was commissioned by the telecommunications company.

Date unveiled : 1992

Location: The couple use to be seen staring on the corner of Lonsdale and Exhibition streets, Melbourne but the artwork is currently in storage awaiting a new home.

Controversy : In October 2009, Telstra decided after 17 years they were going to dismantle Michael Meszaros' 'Distant Conversations' in order to install a Telstra shop. Needless to say the artist was distraught. Mr Meszaros sort legal advise and with the help of lawyer Dr. Mark Williams was able to save his work under the recognition of artists' moral rights legislation. After negotiating with Telstra for a resonable outcome Mr Meszaros was enventually able to secure a buyer for the artwork who agreed to remove , store and eventually relocate the work which is valued at over $1million.



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