Easy Landing sculpture

Easy Landing sculpture, public art, Kenneth Snelson

Public Art: Easy Landing sculpture

Sculptor: © Kenneth Snelson

Description: The Easy Landing  is a 9,000lb abstract stainless steel sculpture made up of 100s of separate pieces. It was created using tension cables and compression tubes. It rises 24 feet in the air and stretches 72 feet across. The sculpture resembles the sails of a boat.

Sculptor's Statement: "force diagrams in space."

Date Unveiled: Dedicated on January 29th, 1978.


Easy Landing


Kenneth Snelson

Commissioned by the City of Baltimore

William Donald Schaeffer, Mayor

Dedicated, January 29, 1978

Location: The Easy Landing is located at entrance to the Maryland Science Center, 601 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Easy Landing Trivia:

It took 12 days to construct Easy Landing, starting from the middle and working outwards.

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