Edward O'Donnell Drinking Fountain

Edward O'Donnel Water Fountain, St Kilda, public art

Public Art : Edward O'Donnell Drinking Fountain

Also Known As: Edward O'Donnell Memorial

Builder/Designers: Modern Art Co Pty Ltd., Clifton Hill.

Engineers: McPherson's Pty. Ltd.

Description: The 4.5m high concrete fountain was erected in honour of Edward O'Donnell who served as a St Kilda councillor for 44 years. The Art Deco style hexagonal fountain features a 5 metre diameter circular pool at its base and three griffins atop the piers. The hooded niches on the three sides hide water spray jets which originally released fine sprays of water which at night would be illuminated by two amber tinted lights .

Funded By: Public subscription

Date Unveiled: 1935

Location: The memorial to Edward O'Donnell is located at The Esplanade, O`Donnell Gardens, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia.


To perpetuate the memory of Councillor Edward O'Donnell. J.P. whose record of municipal and other community service will always be an example of true manhood and ideal citizenship.

SIx times mayor of the city of St. Kilda. Forty-four years a councillor for the West Ward. Foundation member of the St Kilda Shore Committee. Died 7th July, 1933

 The second plaque followed restoration for Australia's Bicentennial


An Australian Bicentennial Project to commemorate the nation's Bicentenary in 1988.
Opened by
Councillor Elaine Miller
Mayor of St Kilda and Mr Edward Keith O'Donnell, Grandson of Cr.Edward O'Donnell.
6th of Nov, 1988
This project was initated by the St Kilda Australian Bicentennial Community Committee and jointly funded by the City of St Kilda and the Commonwealth Government.

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