Federal Reserve Bank Eagle Statue

Federal Reserve Bank Eagle Statue, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia

Public Art : Federal Reserve Bank Eagle also known simply as the Eagle Statue

Sculptor: © Elbert Weinberg (1928 -1991)

Date: Unveiled 1964

Description: A large bronze eagle statue perched high on a 48ft (14.6m) marble column. The statue weighs a whopping 3,300 pounds (1,498kg), is 9 feet (2m) tall and has a 16 foot (4.8m) wing span.

Original Location: Bank'd Marietta Street headquarters, Atlanta.

Location: Relocated to the new Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, 1000 Peachtree Street N.E., in 2001, Georgia, USA.

Cast : Rome, Italy.

History: The bronze eagle was commissioned by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The eagle was to stand outside the newly built Federal Reserve Bank, Marietta Street headquarters in Atlanta. The commission was won by American sculptor Elbert Weinberg who travelled to all the way to Rome, Italy, to design and supervise the foundry work. The eagle was such an important part of the new bank's design that the dedication of the building was delayed until October 9, 1964, pending the arrival from Italy of the statue. The eagle was shipped from Rome to Jacksonville, then hauled by truck to Atlanta. On August 27, a large crane finally lowered it into position, while three men on high scaffolding, secured it to the top of the column. When the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta moved to another new building in 2001 the eagle and its perch (48ft column) came too. Also in the move came five columns from the Bank's first permanent home, which was built in downtown Atlanta in 1918.

Trivia: At the time it was the largest bronze eagle statue in the United States.

Federal Reserve Bank Eagle statue, Atlanta, Georgia Federal Reserve Bank Eagle statue, Atlanta, Georgia Federal Reserve Bank Eagle statue, Atlanta, Georgia

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