Fontana di Borgo Vecchio

Fonta di Borgo Vecchio, Rome, Dragon Fountain

Public Art : Fontana di Borgo Vecchio (also known as the Dragon Fountain)

Sculptor :© Carlo Maderno (1556 – January 30, 1629)

Description : There are actually two similar fountains on the corner facing St Peter's .  The two fountains were built between 1605 and 1621 by Carlo Maderno during the papacy of Paolo V Borghese. Both fountains are framed by a gothic facade and include a dragon. One of the fountains includes a  Borghese eagle (which looks more like a chicken) and the other the letters S.P.A .(Sacro Palazzo Apostolico) meaning Holy Apostolic Building.  

Unveiled : 1605 and 1621

Location : The two dragon fountains it can be found on the corner of Borgo Vecchio and Borgo Nuovo near Via Della Conciliazione, Italy.

Background : Seems Pope Paul V Borghese wanted to leave a lasting memory of himself and his family thus many of the fountains and buildings bore his family crest and symbols.

Trivia :

It was Pope Paul V who initiated the restoring of the Aqua Traiana, an ancient Roman Aqueduct which he promptly named after himself,  Acqua Paola. The fountain is fed by Acqua Paola.

Dragon Fountain, Rome, Italy

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