Forward Surge sculpture

Forward Surge sculpture, Melbourne

Public Art : Forward Surge sculpture

Sculptor : © Inge King

Date : 1974

Description : A black painted 50mm thick steel sculpture, standing 5.2m high, 15.1m wide and 13.7m deep. The four black steel waves are designed to give the feeling they are surging towards the City and contrasts with the imposing vertical buildings that surround it.

Commissioned : Victorian Arts Centre

Location : Lawn of the Melbourne Art Centre, St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Australia.

History of the Forward Surge : Prominent Australian sculptor , Inge King was commissioned by the Victorian Arts Centre in 1974 to create the Forward Surge. It took two years to complete. It was placed on the lawns of the Melbourne Art Centre in 1976 and six years later was placed on the National Trust register. The National Trust declared the sculpture one of King's best and most significant pieces of work.

Interesting Facts about the Forward Surge : The original small model of the Forward Surge was exhibited in Powell Street Gallery in 1972 as part of an exhibition entitled 'Maquettes for Monumental Sculptures'.

During the original exhibition the Forward Surge was simply titled 'Sculpture' for a city plaza.

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