Four Edisons Light Bulbs sculpture

Four Edison Lightbulbs sculpture, Tomas Medek, Brno, Czech Republic,

Public Art : Four Edison's Light Bulbs sculpture

Also Known As : Edison Memorial

Sculptor: © Tomas Medek

Description:  The Four Edison's Light Bulbs sculpture was created in honour of Thomas Edison and inspired by the installation of electric lighting inside the Brnenska Mahen theatre by the Edison company in 1882 ( making it one of the first theatres in the world to have electric lights). The stainless steel polygonal mesh sculpture consists of four interlaced light bulbs. Two of the light bulbs are in the original shape of Edison's elongated screw bulbs, while the other two are shaped like those originally used in the Mahen Theatre. At night the sculpture is illuminated.

Date Unveiled: 11th September, 2010.

Location: Edison's Light Bulbs sculpture is located across the street from Mahen Theatre, Koblizna Janska St, Malinovsky Square, Brno, Czech Republic.

Things You May Not Know About the Four Edison's Light Bulbs sculpture

The sculpture was first created as a 3D model through a special computer program and a 3D printer.

Acknowledgements: A special thank you to Silvie Bee for kindly providing the photographs.



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