Four Season Statues

Four Season Statues, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia

Public Art : Four Seasons Statues, Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring

Sculptor : Unknown

Date : Erected in Gardens in 1879.

Description : Three marble statues representing the four seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Unfortunately one of the statues is missing, "Summer".

Location : Top and bottom of stairs near the Rose Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia.

History of the Four Seasons Statues : The "Winter" statue of an old man holding a dead and frozen little bird is the only original statue of the "Four Seasons" collection, the others have been restored so many times that they can no longer be called "originals". For some unexplicable reason the four statues are the main attraction for vandals in the gardens. Over the years each statue has been vandalised to the point of dismemberment, i.e. losing fingers, hands, arms etc. In fact poor old Summer, had her head stolen, thus the empty plinth. The curators still hold out hope that the head will be unearthed one day and the statue restored (I am thinking, not!). Winter has only just returned to his plinth having just been restored after years of cold storage. Goodness knows where "Spring's" arm got to ?


         Winter                      Autumn


           Spring                     Summer


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