Garibaldi Monument

Public Art : Garibaldi Monument

Sculptor : © Odoardo (Edward) Tabacchi (1836-1905)

Description : A bronze statue of Guiseppe Garibaldi standing on a rock. At the base is a lion, symbol of the strength of the people, and a female figure, an allegory of Italy.

Unveiled : The Garibaldi statue was unveiled in 1887.

Location: The monument of Garibaldi is located along the banks of the Po River, Turin, Italy.

Who was Guiseppe Garibaldi? : Giuseppe Garibaldi (July 4, 1807 – June 2, 1882) the "Hero of the Two Worlds" was an Italian military and political figure who fought in both South America and Europe.

Trivia : On the 10th March, 2011, the monument was vandalized damaging the hand and nose of the female statue at the base.

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