Gastown Steam Clock

Gastown Steam Clock, Vancouver, public art

Public Art : Gastown Steam Clock

Designed: © Raymond L. Saunders

Description : The world's only steam clock is powered by steam from an underground systems of pipes that supply steam to heat many downtown buildings. The clock displays the time on four faces.


The Gastown Steam Clock

Designed and built by Raymond L. Saunders

The world's first steam powered clock has been
created for the enjoyment of everyone. The live steam
winds the weights ans blows the whistles.
Every 4.5 minutes one steel weight will travel by
steam power to the top of the clock. The gravity
driven "Falling Ball" drive was 'engineered' by
Douglas L Smith. Each quarter hour the clock will
sound the Westminister chimes, The large whistle
will sound once on the hour. The steam is supplied by
the underground system of Central Heat Distributors
Limited. The component parts cost $42,000 and the
clock weighs over two tons.

Date Unveiled: The clock was unveiled in 1977 and was based on a 1875 design.

Funding : Funding for the Gastown Steam Clock project was provided by contributions from local merchants, property owners, and private donors.

Location: The Steam Clock can be found on the corner of Cambie and Water Street
Gastown, Vancouver, Canada.

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