Gateway To The Hinterland

Gateway to the Hinterland sculpture, Albany, public art

Public Art : Gateway To The Hinterland

Sculptor : © Jeffery Somerset-Healy

Description : Using material collected from the port and farming properties around the Albany area

Unveiled : 1989

Location : Located in Alison Hartman Gardens, Albany, Western Australia.

Controversy : Not everyone in Albany was excited about the community sculpture. Some locals organised a petition to have the project stopped during it's construction. In response an article was printed in the local paper. Here is an excerpt  'The sculptural installation is not meant to be decorative. It is meant to say something about our history, about the way we feel about our history. It is a "sensory" piece. People are asked to feel it, walk around it and look at it, listen to it. Above all, to think about the years that have gone into making this area what it is now - how many men and women walked on the jetty, the noise of the waterfront in the old days, the creak of ancient wood and metal. Now all have passed. Will the jetty itself soon pass into history? Will all we have left to remind us if its presence in the Town be the sculpture.'

Inscription :

Town of Albany
Community Arts Programme

This sculpture assemblage was designed by
Jeffery Somerset-Healy
constructed with assistance from the community
and reflects the significance of
shipping and agriculture in the development of the region.
It is a visual reminder of the town's heritage
The tension on the busy jetty, ship's cranes, The sea,
The gateway to the hinterland
Ploughed paddocks
A time passed....
Among the components used are century old timbers from the town jetty,
old agricultural machinery and wharf fittings from the port.
I want this to be a sensory be touched, listened to, looked at and thought about
JS-H 1989.


Gateway To The Hinterland, Albany, sculpture, public art

Gateway To The Hinterland, Albany, sculpture, public art

Gateway To The Hinterland, Albany, sculpture, public art

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