Great Wall of China blocks

Great Wall of China blocks, Tasmania, public art

Public Art : Great Wall of China blocks

Description: A series of granite blocks which now make up part of the curb on Charles Street, that were reputed to have come from the Great Wall of China in the early 1820's.




The story goes that these granite blocks were brought to Tasmania in 1824 by Captain Waddle, of the 325 ton brig 'Amboyna'. He used the blocks , collected from China, reputedly from the Great Wall, to ballast his ship which carried a cargo of tea, sugar and soap.

It appears that Captain Waddle wanted to construct a kerb around the house he had built at 218 Charles Street. As his wish was refused by the local authorities, he used the ship's ballast to do the job himself.

In 1988, Launceston City Council constructed this roundabout and rebuilt the road. Great care was taken to ensure that the granite blocks were laid exactly as the captain had done all those years ago.

Great Wal of China blocks, Launceston, public art 

Great Wall of China, blocks, Launceston, public art

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