HMS Queen Elizabeth Shells

HMS Queen Elizabeth Shell, Kings Park, Western Australia

Public Art : HMS Queen Elizabeth Shells (often referred to as simply "The Shell")

Artist : Unknown (do you blame them?)

Date Unveiled : The HMS Queen Elizabeth Shells was unveiled by Sir John Talbott hobbs on the 7th of August, 1921.

Description : A crudely built piece of public art which includes a large shell from the HMS Queen Elizabeth mounted on 2 base plates held up by smaller shells. The large shell has a slot, like a money box, for the public to make donations for the upkeep of Sailors and Soldiers avenues in the park. The slot has long been covered and is now just a monument to HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Location : Near the South African War Memorial, Kings Park, Western Australia. 

Inscriptions :

Shells from
HMS Queen Elizabeth
Presented August 1920
to Kings Park, Perth WA
By Earl Beatty

Admiral of the British Grand Fleet 1916-1919


towards the upkeep of
Sailors and Soldiers avenues
in this park
may be placed here.

Background of the HMS Queen Elizabeth : HMS Queen Elizabeth was the lead ship of the Dreadnought battleships and was named in honour of Elizabeth I of England. She was officially launched on 16 October 1913 at Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. In 1915 she entered service and was soon actively involved in World War I.  On April 25th the Queen Elizabeth became the flagship for the military invasion of Gallipoli, under the leadership of General Sir Ian Hamilton, commander of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force and helped assist the Australian Imperial Forces at ANZAC Cove. However, when the HMS Goliath was sunk by a Turkish torpedo boat in May, the Queen Elizabeth was immediately withdrawn from action. During World War II she became part of the Mediterranean Fleet but was sunk in shallow waters by Italian frogmen. She was later raised and patched before being sent to the United States for full repairs. She later participated in raids on Japanese bases in Indonesia before being scrapped in 1948.


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