Hopscotch sculpture

Hopscotch sculpture, Burswood Park, public art 

Public Art : Hopscotch sculpture

Sculptors: © Charles Smith and Joan Walsh-Smith

Description : A group of bronze sculptures depicting children playing hopscotch in their "Sunday Best". The group was designed to coincide with the Year of the Family, in 1994. The children are dressed in 19th century style clothing a symbol of the bygone days when children amused themselves by playing simple activities such as hopscotch. Running next to the group is an area for children to join in the fun and play hopscotch themselves.

Date Unveiled : 1995

Location: Burswood Park, Burswood, Perth, Western Australia.

Hopscotch sculpture, Burswood Park, Perth

Hopscotch sculpture, Joan and Charlie Smith

Hopscotch sculpture, Burswood Park, Perth

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