Impossible Triangle Sculpture

Impossible triangle, East Perth, Western AUstralia 

Public Art: Impossible Triangle

Sculptors: © Designed by artist Brian McKay and architect Ahmad Abas.

Date: 1999

Location: In the centre of the East Parade roundabout in East Perth, Western Australia.

Description: This 13.5m high aluminium clad sculpture is based on a mathematical formula.

Commissioned By: Unknown

History: This strange sculpture has confused motorists for years. Placed in the middle of a busy roundabout, very few people know of the geometric phenomenon it is based on. Needless to say neither did I until I did a little bit of research.You may not know this, but the trick or illusion of this clever design is that if you wander around it long enough you will find a spot where the sculpture will give the illusion of being a perfect triangle. The geometric phenomenon is based on a mathematical formula discovered by Lionel Penrose (British geneticist) and his son, Sir Roger Penrose (Mathematics professor). I personally didn't find the actual spot because a) it is located in a death trap for pedestrians and B) because there is no plaque or sign telling you about it. The sculpture was one of three short listed for the East Perth Redevelopment project when local artists were invited to enter submissions in 1997.

Impossible Traiangle, East Perth, Western Australia

  Impossible triangle, East Perth, Western Australia

Trivia: The size of the sculpture was increased from the planned height of 9m to 13.5m so the public could appreciate it more.


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