John Cain Jr Statue

John Cain Jr statue, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Public Art: John Cain Jr Statue

Sculptor: © Peter Corlett

Date: Unknown

Description: Life size bronze statue of Premier John Cain Jr. Cain facing the government offices, holds up a questioning right hand whilst his left hand remains in his pocket.

Location: Quietly standing (along with his 3 other 3,000 day Premiers) outside the government building of 1 treasury Place, Melbourne, Australia.

History: The little piece of information I could dig up was that former Premier, Jeff kennett, was responsible for the four Victorian Premier statues outside 1 Treasury Place. The four being John Cain Jr, Rupert Hamer, Henry Bolte and Albert Dunstan who were all post-World War II era former Victorian Premiers and had all served more than 3,000 days in office.Don't worry about reaching for a calculator I have done the work for you, 3,000 days works out to approximately 8 yrs plus a few months. Why 3,000 days? I have know idea, ask Jeff Kennett, who, by the way, just missed out on a statue. Did I happen to mention Steve Bracks also missed out by the hair on his chinny, chin, chin.  

Trivia : Of the 45 or so Victorian Premiers in the last 150 years, only four have survived more than 3,000 days (no wonder, that is a long time, they deserve a statue).

The hard luck story goes to poor old Premier James McCulloch who also served 3,000 days between 1863 to 1877. He, unfortunately didn't serve consectutive terms, failing Jeff Kennett's criteria for a bronze! 

        John Cain Jr statue, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia       The hand of Cain, John Cain Jr statue, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

                      John Cain Jr statue, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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