John and Helen Scott Memorial

John and Helen Scott Memorial, Bunbury, Western Australia

Public Art : John and Helen Scott Memorial

Sculptor : unknown

Description : A granite podium in memory of pioneers John and Helen Scott, about 1m high with a slanted piece of granite atop. The inscription on the slanted granite is in red lettering.

Date Unveiled : The John and Helen Scott memorial was unveiled 3rd June, 1961

Location : ANZAC Park, Bunbury, Western Australia.

Inscription :

In honour of the first settler of
John and Helen Scott
with their sons
John, Robert and WIlliam
and stepson
Daniel McGregor
arrived in Bunbury January 1838.
John and Helen settles and lived
for 42 years at Eelup Farm.
Their good example was an inspiration to
later settlers.
Erected by their relatives and friends.

Background to John and Helen Scott : The Scott family arrived from Scotland in 1831 on the ship Eliza. John and Helen Scott soon became disgruntled settlers of the Swan River colony and were about to pack up and head to Port Phillip. However Governor James Stirling had a large land grant in the Bunbury area and wanted the Scotts to establish the area. Stirling had a fair bit of talking to do to convince John Scott to take up land, as the Scott family had had enough of the colony.  Like many settlers they were rightly miffed about the conditions they had to endure. After a bit of convincing Stirling eventually persuaded John to travel to Bunbury but only if his family were taken on the ship "Champion" ( the eldest sons weren't as fortunate, they had to ride there). Evidently the boys arrived before the Champion and Robert managed to rip the back out of his pants much to the amusement of the entourage. Even John Septimus Roe was on hand to help survey the 320 acre property. The Eelup farm was established in 1838 and was to be the first between Pinjarra and Vasse. There they lived for 42 years.


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