Knife Edge – Two Piece sculpture

Knife Edge - Two Piece sculpture, Henry Moore, London, public art

Public Art : Knife Edge – Two Piece sculpture

Sculptor : © Henry Moore

Description: You may recognise this scultpure as it quite often appears as a backdrop for countless interviews with British politicians. This is one of four bronze casts of Henry Moore's sculpture Knife Edge- Two Piece. The bronze is 7ft high and 12 ft in length.

Date Unveiled: The sculpture was made between 1962 - 1965

Location: Knife Edge is located opposite the Houses of Parliament, Abingdon Street Gardens, Parliament Square, Westminister, London.

Artist Statement: "When I was offered the site near the House of Lords… I liked the place so much that I didn’t bother to go and see an alternative site in Hyde Park — one lonely sculpture can be lost in a large park. The House of Lords site is quite different. It is next to a path where people walk and it has a few seats where they can sit and contemplate it."

Trivia : The artist kept a cast and it now resides in the grounds of the Henry Moore Foundation.

Probably the worst description ever of Henry Moore's bronze was made by Conservative backbencher Neil Marten during question time in the House of Commons when he asked why "this lovely part of Westminster should be littered with something that looks like a crashed unidentified flying object".

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