Korea Malaya Borneo Memorial

 Korea Malaya Borneo Memorial, ANZAC Square, Brisbane

Public Art : Korea Malaya Borneo Memorial

Sculptor : © Rhyl Hinwood

Description : Two bronze figures on a granite plinth representing both an Australian soldier from the Malaya and Borneo wars and an Australian pilot from the Korean campaign. The pilot has his right arm outstretched and pointing skyward.

Date Unveiled : The Korea Malaya Borneo Memorial was unveiled by His Excellency, the Honourable Sir Walter Campbell QC, Governor of Queensland, on 23 April 1988.

Location : ANZAC Square, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Inscription :

Korea Malaya Borneo

This site is dedicated to a memorial to be erected in honour of those Australians and Allies who died or suffered as a result of service in Korea 1950-1953 Malaya 1948-1966 Borneo 1962-1966
This plaque was unveiled by his excellency th Hon Sir Walter Campbell, QC, Governor of Queensland on the 9th of May, 1987.



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