Lange Wapper statue

Public Art : Lange Wapper statue

Scultpor: © Albert Poels (7th April, 1903 - 23rd August, 1984)

Description: A bronze statue of a giant known as Lange Wapper who terrified drunks and children. Lange Wapper stands menacing (with hands on hips) over two drunken sailors who are leaning back to see him.

Date Unveiled: 1963

Location: The Lange Wapper statue is located outside the Antwerp Steen, a little castle on the river Scheldt.

Who is Lange Wapper : The Belgium legend of Lange Wapper dates back to the 16th century. Lange Wapper would often appear as a little man who came out at night to chase drunks. But he would often make himself grow bigger and bigger to intimidate them. Legend also has it that he would disguise himself as a child to drink breast milk from unsuspecting women.

Lange Wapper Trivia:

According to the Wikipedia website the giant used tricks to steal breast milk off women, liked to tease drunks, cheated when playing with children and laughed like the devil. 

Rumor has it that many buildings in Antwerp placed statues of the Virgin Mary on their facades to scare away Lange Wapper who was scared of her.

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