Larry La Trobe Statue

Larry La Trobe Statue, Melbourne, Australia

Public Art: Larry La Trobe

Sculptor: © Pamela Irving

Date : 1992 & 1996

Description: A life size bronze statue of a dingo type dog, called Larry La Trobe. The 70cm high dog, wearing a spiked collar, stands guard over the city square. The dog was inspired by the artist's own dog Lucy and her uncle, Larry.

Location: Corner of Collins and Swanston Street in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Commissioned by: Percent for Art Program and the Swanston Street Redevelopment Project.

History of Larry La Trobe: Pamela Irving created Larry La Trobe in 1992, as part of the Percent for Art Program and Swanston Street Redevelopment and was presented as a gift to the City of Melbourne. Larry, a life size dingo type dog , keeps an observant eye on the goings on of the street and city Square. The bronze pooch was inspired by Pamela's own dog (Lucy) and named in honour of her uncle Larry. The "iconic" dog sculpture became one of Melbourne's most loved statues, virtually from the moment he was unveiled in 1992.

Dog Gone: Despite being anchored to the site with 30cm bolts, poor old Larry was stolen in 1995. The distraught City of Melbourne council launched a 'return Larry' campaign, but to no avail. A distraught Peter Kolliner, the owner of the foundry where Larry was cast, offered to recast the pooch. Pamela made a few slight changes such as a more redder tinge to make Larry a little different.
With much fanfare the new Larry was officially welcomed back on 16th September 1996. As Larry was unveiled for the second time, a band performed a special song "Larry Come Home - a dogumentary" to the tune of Advanced Australia Fair. Click here for the words and sing along.



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