Liberty Bell Replica Denver

Liberty Bell Replica Denver, Colorado

Public Art: Liberty Bell Replica

Description : A big bronze bell, a replica of the Liberty Bell.

Cast By: Paccard Foundry in Annecy-le-Vieux, France.

Date: 1950

Commissioned by: United States Department of the Treasury and several private companies.

Original Locations : In 1974 the Liberty Bell Replica was placed in Denver's Old State Museum, and later placed on the corner of Sherman and 14th Street.

Present Location : In 1986 the bell was relocated to its present location on the Lower Capitol Lawn in Lincoln Park, Denver, Colorado, USA.

History of the Replica Liberty Bell: Every State in America has a replica of the Liberty Bell, well, they should! In 1950 the United States Department of the Treasury had 55 full sized replicas of the Liberty Bell cast in Annecy-le-Vieux, France. On completion of the bells each state and territories of the United States and the District of Columbia recieved one as a gift. The bells were to be displayed and rung on patriotic occassions. The project was part of a Savings Bond drive (May 15 to July 4th 1950) which used the slogan "Save for Your Independence".

Plaque: There is a plaque next to the bell which reads -


The masonry labor for this memorial
is donated by Stephan Dach
In loving memory of his father Alfred
who perished in the early years
of world war II
in a Nazi Concentration Camp.
May this be a reminder of him and all
those others have perished
in the fight for Liberty and Freedom
which this liberty bell represents.
August 29, 1974

Where are they now?:

28 are on the grounds or in the Capitol buildings.  
5 Memorial Parks
3 in historical societies
3 Universities or Education buildings
3 State House
3 Unknown
1 Treasury Building
1 State Fair
1 Zion Reform Church
1 Central Fire Station
1 Archives
1 Storage
1 Cafeteria
1 Museum
1 Town Square
1 on loan to a High School
1 Annecy, France

One of the bells was  involved in an accident (28th March, 2008) when a drunk driver ploughed into the truck  carrying the 2000 pound bell. David Hall takes the bell (unsure if it is one of the unknown ones) around North Texas to the funerals of veterans and fallen soldiers.

For more up to date information on the where abouts of the bells check the Liberty Bell Museum Site.

Rumors: The Oregon bell was rumored to have been blown up by a terrorist attack in 1970. Rumor denied, the bell is in Wilson Park.

Crazy Facts:  Missouri seems to have two Liberty Bells.

Way to go New Jersey - their bell is located in the Town Square and is rung every year on the 4th of July. The bell is rung 13 times, one for each of the 13 original colonies.

The Denver Replica Liberty Bell is number 47.


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