Major Edmund Lockyer Memorial

Lockyer Memorial, Albany, public art 

Public Art : Major Edmund Lockyer Memorial (or simply Lockyer Memorial)

Architect : Unknown

Description : A local granite stone bearing a bronze plaque.

Date Unveiled : Erected March, 1936.

Location : Residency Road, Albany, Western Australia (Can't miss it, it's near the Brig Amity replica and Albany Museum).

Inscription :

To Major Edmund Lockyer

Of the 59th Rect.
Who landed here
From the Brig Amity
On the 26th December 1826
To found the settlement
on the
Western side of Australia

So Who Was Major Edmund Lockyer ? : Edmund Lockyer (21st January 1784 – 10th June 1860) was a British soldier and explorer. Born in Plymouth, Devon, England, Lockyer began his army career in 1803 at the age of 19. In 1824 he was transferred to the 57th regiment and shipped off to the British colony in Sydney with his wife and 10 children.There he lead several expeditions including the exploration of the upper regions of the Brisbane River where he became the first person to identify coal in Queensland. However he will probably be best  remembered for claiming Western Australia for Britain on the brig Amity in 1826 and thus starting the first European settlement in Western Australia.

Man of Many Firsts : Edmund Lockyer was the first person to discover coal  in Queensland, the first to set up a colony in Western Australia, the first to set up a smelter in Australia and the first Usher of the Black Rod in the Parliament of New South Wales.

Major Edmund Lockyer memorial, Albany, Western Australia


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