Marker Seats

Marker seats, East Perth, Western Australia

Public Art : Marker Seats

Sculptor/Artist : © Malcom McGregor

Date : 1995

Description : A series of seats featuring circular posts which symbolize the 'channel markers' used in rivers for navigation purposes. The seats are constructed from jarrah and steel which are believed to have been salvaged from demolished warehouses in the East Perth area. Right on top of each marker post is a sculpture inspired by the history of the area. One post features the old caretaker's cottage, designed by Colonial architect, Richard Roach Jewell, whilst the other marker features Solomon Cook's water driven flour mill which was built in c.1854 on the bank near Claise Brook.

Location : Along Claisebrook Cove, East Perth, Western Australia.

History: The Marker seats were placed in Claisebrook Cove in 1995 following the redevelopment of East Perth. A considerable amount of funding was set aside by the East Perth Redevelopment Authority to create public art which reflect the area's industrious past. In 1999, East Perth (Claisebrook Village) won a Civic Design Award for its public art.


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