Merredin's Bronze Horse At Work

Bronze Horse at Work, Merredin, Public Art, Western Australia

Public Art: Merredin's Bronze Horse At Work

Also Known As: Bronze horse, Ploughman and Dog

Sculptor: © Robert Hitchcock


Date Unveiled: The group was unveiled by 87 year old Clarrie Whitehead on the 10th of November, 2001.

Location: The clydesdale, ploughman and his dog sculpture is located in Pioneer Park, Merredin, Western Australia.


Merredin's Bronze Horse At Work

This sculpture honours the part played by the Clydesdale horse in opening up the wheatbelt of Western Australia.

The project was made posible by the untiring fund raising efforts of local woman Barbara Abell and the generosity of john Rutherford. Contributions have been made by the commnity and ex residents of Merredin.

This project commeorates the Centenary of Merrein. 15tyh March, 1991 and was completed and unveiled to co-inside with the Centenary of Federation, 2001.

Unveiled by Clarrie Whitehead

Robert Hitchcock Sculptor

10th November, 2001.

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