Merredin Water Tower

Merredin Water Tower, Western Australia, public art

Public Art : Merredin Water Tower


Description: An enormous wooden water tower, featuring old local advertising signs.

Date: The water tower was built in 1893 and the advertising placed on it in 1928.

Location: The water tower is located in Pioneer Park, Merredin, Western Australia.


Merredin Peak Heritage Trail

The Water Tower

When the eastern railway reached Merredin in 1893 this tower was built to provide water for the steam engines then in use. Water was pumped from the dam at Merredin Peak into the tower, which has a capacity of 40,000 gallons.
On the tank's sides can be seen the advertisements for Kalgoorlie Bitter and Oatmeal Stout , produced in the Merredin Brewery in 1928.

An Australian Bicenttennial project with financial assistance from the State and Commonwealth governments.

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