Mile Hi Sertoma Club Plaque

Mile Hi Sertoma Club Plaque, Denver, Colorado

Public Art: Mile Hi Sertoma Club Plaque

Designed by :Unknown

Date: No Idea

Description: Two small plaques on a large boulder.

Location: On the corner of Broadway and Tremont St (Sertoma Square) in a rebuilt rock planter immediately northeast of the Brown Palace Hotel. It shares a little possie with National Western Statue.

History of the Mile Hi Plaque: Okay here is the low down on the Sertoma Club, it was founded on April 11th, 1912, in Kansas City after two doctors were denied membership in Rotary. Originally known as the Co-Operative Club the name was changed to Sertoma in 1952 after it was confused with the more popular Grange Co-Operatives. The name Sertoma being the acronym for SERvice TO MAnkind!
The club was very similar to the Rotary Club where the "all male" members did business with each other. The wives and daughters of the Sertoma members must have felt left out because they later created the female version called the Co-operettes (later to be known as La Sertoma). The Mile High Sertoma was established in Denver in 1923 and was the only club in Colorado at that time. I am not sure if there are still meetings on Thursday at noon in the Brown Palace Hotel ?



Mile-Hi Sertoma Club
Service to mankind Square
Dedicated to the citizens of Denver in
recognition of the men and women who have
unselfishly dedicated their time, talents
and efforts to the service of mankind.

The Mile-hi Sertoma Club chartered
Sept 6, 1923, is dedicated to performing
and recognizing acts of service to mankind.

We invite men and women who are interested
in service - to- mankind to join us Thursday
at noon in the Brown Palace Hotel.


Rededicated in November 2002
in memory of Harold G. Forsyth,
loyal Mile-hi Sertoma Club member
from 1958-2001. His hard work,
generosity and good humor remain
an inspiration to all lives he



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