Public Art In Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States of America. Boston was founded on September 17, 1630, by Puritan colonists from England and is regarded as the unofficial "Capital of New England". So many of Boston's statues and sculptures have been erected in honour of the city's past patriots, poets and politicians.

Public Art in Boston 

 Boston Massacre Monument, public art Charles Devens statue, Boston, public art Anne Hutchinson statue, Boston, public art

  Boston Massacre Monument         Charles Devens Statue               Anne Hutchinson statue

 Thomas Cass statue, Public Art, Boston Benjamin Franklin statue, Boston, public art John Boyle O'Reilly Statue, Boston

  Thomas Cass Statue         Benjamin Franklin statue    John Boyle O'Reilly

Edward Everett Hale statue, Boston, public art Kosciuszko Statue, Boston, Public Art William Lloyd Garrison statue, Boston, Public Art

Edward Everett Hale statue             Kosciuszko Statue     William Lloyd Garrison memorial

Alexander Hamilton statue, Boston, public art Charles Sumner statue, Boston, public art Robert Burns Statue, Boston, public art

    Alexander Hamilton statue              Charles Sumner statue                   Robert Burns statue

The Goal statue, Boston Public Art

      The Goal statue

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