Public Art In Burswood

Burswood is a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. It can be found along the Swan River and includes the Crown Perth casino and Belmont Park racecourse. The area was named by Henry Camfield, one of the settlers of the Swan River Colony in 1829. He was granted 1,000 acres of land which he named Burrswood, in honour of an area in Kent, England.

If you take a walk through Burswood Park, near the Crown Casino, you will find an array of statues and sculptures depicting the many great figures who played an important part in Western Australian history. They include statues of Paddy Hannan, Willenm de Vlamingh, Herb Elliott, Shirley Strickland, Dame Mary Durack and the sculpture of the State's bird emblem, the black swan (which appears on the Western Australian flag).

Public Art in Burswood

 Swan Fountain, Burswood, Public Art Hopscotch sculpture, Burswood, Western Australia

Keeping the Flame Alight     Swan Fountain         Hopscotch sculpture

Paddy Hannan sculpture, Burswood, Western Australia Willem de Vlamingh statue, Burswood, Western Australia Black Swan sculpture, Burswood, public art

Paddy Hannan statue      Willem de Vlamingh   Black Swan sculpture

Story Teller sculpture, Burswood, public art

   Story Teller sculpture





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