Public Art In Launceston 

Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania and one of Australia's oldest. Launceston was the first place in the Southern Hemisphere to use anaesthetic, the first Australian city to have underground sewers and the first Australian city to be lit by hydroelectricity.

Public Art In Launceston 

Wedge-tailed Eagle sculpture, Launceston, Tasmania Tasmanian Tigers sculpture, Launceston, Tasmania, public art

 Wedge-tailed Eagle sculpture             Tasmanian Tigers Sculpture

Val De Osne Fountain, Launceston, public art Dr William Pugh statue, Launceston, public art Rain Forest sculpture, Stephen Walker, Launceston, public art

  Val d'Osne Fountain           Dr William Pugh statue     Rain Forest sculpture

Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain, City Park, Launceston, public art Ronald Campbell Gunn statue, City Park, Launceston, public art War Memorial, City Park, Launceston, public art

Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain        Ronald Campbell Gunn Statue          South African War memorial

People's Park Fountain, Launceston, public art Bandstand, City Park, Launceston

           People's Park Fountain                      City Park Bandstand

36 pounder gun, Russian, Crimean War, Launceston King Edward VII Statue, Launceston, Public Art, Alfred Avery Progress Sculpture, Launceston, public art

      36 Pounder Gun           King Edward VII statue         Progress sculpture

Bolt sculpture, Launceston, public art Stop -Talking Rubbish Bin sculpture, Launceston, public art Earth Drill sculpture, Launceston, Public Art

         Bolt sculpture         Stop - Talking Rubbish Bin       Earth Drill sculpture

Observatory plaque, Launceston, Public art Launceston War Memorial, Royal Park, Launceston Great Wall of China block, Tasmania, public art

A.B.Biggs Observatory      Launceston War Memorial    Great Wall of China Blocks

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