Public Art in Russia

Atlantes of the Hermitage, public art, RussiaYou would expect a country steeped in such history to have a magnificent array of public art but alas, with wars and revolutions, many of Russia's great statues and monuments have long since met with tragic ends. However, of what remains it isn't hard to imagine what grand past the Russian Empire revelled in. But with all that said, Russian artists are now creating a new art landscape based more on modern artistic expression than honoring their past leaders.

St Petersburg

Public Art in Saint Petersburg - featuring; Atlantes of the Hermitage, The Bronze Horseman, General Staff Building Quadriga, Thunder Stone, Nicholas I Monument,


Public Art In Moscow - featuring ; Alexander Ostrovsky statue , Alexander Pushkin statue , Felix Dzerzhinsky Statue , Georgy Zhukov Statue , Lenin Statue,  Moscow Metro Mosaics,  Yuri Dolgoruki statue,

Republic of Tartastan

Public art in Naberezhnye Chelny - featuring ; Bicycle sculpture,

Zabaykalsky Krai

Public art in Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky - featuring ; Decembrist Memorial,

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