Public Art In Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia, made up of 63 islands. In 1819 the East India Company set up a trading post in Singapore and in 1824 Britain obtained sovereignty over the islands . During World War II the Imperial Japanese Army invaded Malaya leading to the Battle of Singapore. The British were defeated and surrendered on the 15th February, 1942.  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called this "the worst disaster and largest capitulation in British history". The Japanese would occupy Singapore until September 1945, following their surrender. In 1963 Singapore declared independence by uniting with other former British territories to form Malaysia. Two years later they separated from Malaysia to become their own indpendent city-state. Highly urbanised, Singapore is the world's fourth leading financial centre and a popular tourist destination.

Public Art in Singapore

Pioneering Spirit sculpture, Singapore, public art First Generation sculpture, Singapore, public art, Chong Fah Cheong Bird sculpture, Singapore, public art, Fernando Botero

Pioneering Spirit Sculpture       First Generation                      Bird sculpture

 The Merlion statue, Singapore, public art, Lim Nang Seng Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles Statue, Singapore, public art A Great Emporium sculpture, Singapore, public art, Malcolm Koh

         The Merlion               Sir Thomas Raffles (white)       A Great Emporium

 From Chettiars to Financiers sculpture, Singapore, public art, Chern Lian Shan Dalhousie Obelisk, Singapore , public art Lim Bo Seng Memorial, Singapore , Ng Keng Siang, public art

From Chettiars To Financiers    Dalhousie Obelisk           Lim Bo Seng Memorial

The River Merchants, public art, Singapore,  Living World sculpture, Singapore, public art, Ju Ming

         The River Merchants sculpture                    Living World sculpture

Jawaharlal Nehru bust, Singapore, public art Deng Xiaoping Bust, Singapore, public art Ho Chi Minh Bust , Singapore, public art

Jawaharlal Nehru bust           Deng Xiaoping bust             Ho Chi Minh bust

A Visit to the Museum: Taking the Past Forward, public art, Singapore, CHern Lian Shan Pedas Pedas Sculpture, Singapore, public art, Kumari Nahappan Let There Be Peace sculpture, Singapore, Public Art, Alexandra Nechita

A Visit To The Museum       Pedas Pedas sculpture        Let There Be Peace

 Augury sculpture, public art, Singapore, Anthony Lau Balance sculpture,Singapore, public art, Ng Eng Teng Concerntration sculpture, Singapore, public art, Vichai Sithiratu

        Augury sculpture             Balance sculpture         Concentration sculpture

 Together sculpture, Singapore, public art, Osman bin Mohammad Unity sculpture, Singapore, public art, But Muchtar Sarawak Carved Ceremonial Pole, public art, Singapore

      Together sculpture              Unity sculpture          Sarawak Ceremonial Poles

 Transformation sculpture, Singapore, public art, Tan Teng Kee 20 Tonnes sculpture, public art, Singapore, Han Sai Por

             Transformation sculpture                           20 Tonnes sculpture

Joseph Conrad plaque, Singapore, public art

   Joseph Conrad plaque

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