Public Art in Atlanta

Public art in Atlanta got a considerable boost, following the announcement that the city would be hosting the 1996 Olympic Games.

Public Art Went Down To Georgia

 Public Art in Atlanta, S Truett Cathy Monument, Atlanta, Georgia  Atlanta From The Ashes, Atlanta, Georgia  Five Points Monument, Atlanta, Georgia

    S.Truett Cathy Monument   Atlanta From The Ashes          Five Points Monument

 Five Points Sculpture, Atlanta, Georgia  Atlanta Police Officer Memorial, Atlanta, Georgia  Public Art in Atlanta, Equitable Building Columns, Atlanta, Georgia

    Five Points Sculpture   Atlanta Police Officer Memorial      Equitable Columns

 Margaret Mitchell Fountain, Atlanta, Georgia  Emerging Sculpture 

  Margaret Mitchell Fountain       Emerging Sculpture                     Unknown

 New Endings Fountain, Diane Solomon Kempler, Atlanta, Georgia    Ballet Olympia, John Portman, Atlanta, Georgia

   New Endings Fountain           Grand Mercy Sculpture       Ballet Olympia Sculpture

    Samuel Spencer Statue, Hardy Ivy Park, Atlanta, Georgia 

  Carnegie Education Pavilion  Samuel Spencer Monument    Fairlie Poplar Sculpture

Day the trees reclaim the city sculpture, Atlanta, Georgia  Federal Reserve Bank Eagle Statue, Atlanta, Georgia 

Day The Trees Reclaim City  Federal Reserve Bank Eagle             Unknown

 Table Sculpture, Atlanta, Georgia 

                Table Sculpture                                Unknown

John Pemberton Statue, Atlanta, Georgia, USA    The Mahatma Statue, Dr Martin Luther King Centre, Atlanta, Georgia

 John Pemberton Statue                Eternal Flame                The Mahatma Statue

Public art of Atlanta, John Brown Gordon statue, Georgia  Statue of Liberty Replica, Atlanta, Georgia  Henry W Grady Monument, Marietta St, Atlanta, Georgia

John Brown Gordon Statue  Statue of Liberty Replica     Henry W Grady Monument

Liberty Bell Replica, Atlanta, Georgia, USA  Herman Eugene Talmadge Statue, Atlanta, Georgia  Joseph Emerson Brown Monument, Capitol Grounds, Atlanta, Georgia

Liberty Bell Replica, Atlanta    Herman Eugene Talmadge   Joseph Emerson Brown

Public Art of Atlanta, Thomas Edward Watson statue, Atlanta, Georgia   

  Thomas Edward Watson      Richard Russell Statue       Ellis Gibbs Arnall Statue

Jimmy Carter statue, Atlanta, Georgia  Miss Freedom Statue, State Capitol Building, Atlanta, Georgia 

  Jimmy Carter Statue  Miss Freedom Statue 

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